William McCombs

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Marker Type:    Headstone

Material:    Marble

Dimensions (H x W x D):    60 in x 30 in x 17 in

Direction Marker Faces:    East

Inscription:    WILLIAM McCOMBS / Called / home / JULY 6, 1864 / Aged / 73 Years

Biography:    William McCombs was born in approximately 1791 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. He was the husband of Jane Ridgway (1812 – 1890).

He fought in the army in the War of 1812. William died at the age of 73 in July 1864.


Use this link to view William McCombs in the U.S. Census:


William McCombs Veteran Burial Card:

William Veteran Card.jpg

Veteran Burial Card, 1864.


There is no obituary available for William McCombs as he died before the local newspaper, The Titusville Herald, was founded in 1865.

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