Samuel Ridgway


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Marker Type:    Headstone with footstone

Material:    Marble

Dimensions (H x W x D):    10.5 in x 14 in x 7.5 in

Direction Marker Faces:    East

Inscription:    SAMUEL / RIDGWAY / APRIL 29, 1824 / APRIL 9, 1901

Biography: Samuel Ridgway was born April 29, 1824 the eighth of nine children born to Charles and Frances Titus Ridgway, the sister of the founder of Titusville. He could trace his ancestors back to the European incursion in America.

In his early days he was a purchasing agent for the Oil Creek Railroad (now Pennsylvania Railroad). In 1848 he married Eliza Hyde, daughter of Charles Hyde of Plainfield, New Jersey. They had eight children: Frances (1850 – 1927), Diademma (1851 – 1890) , Ida (1853 – 1890), Eliza (1855 – 1919), Samuel E. (1858 – 1938), Willis M. (1860 – 1927), Charles A. (1865 – 1917), and Mallie (1867 – 1888).

He built the hotel at Hydetown in his namesake, the Ridgway Sanitarium, which became a popular health retreat. People came from all over the nation to receive one of his famous massages.

In approximately 1883 he created the Ridgway Acme Liniment which was said to relieve a litany of ailments from sciatica to frostbite. Through his business ventures he helped expand the prosperity of the Hydetown area.

“Uncle Sam” was said to possess a genial, happy personality, and show his generosity far and wide. Through his efforts he became a household name across the country and his death came quickly and unexpectedly from an incurable case of diabetes.

He died on April 9, 1901 at the age of 76.


Use these links to view Samuel Ridgway in the U.S. Census:




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