Eliza Ridgway Nason

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Marker Type:    Headstone

Material:    Granite

Dimensions (H x W x D):    9.5 in x 24 in x 12.5 in

Direction Marker Faces:    East

Inscription:    ELIZA R NASON / 1855 – 1919

Biography:    Eliza Nason was born Eliza Ridgway December 16, 1856 in Hydetown to Samuel and Eliza Hyde Ridgway. She was one of seven children born to the Samuel and Eliza. She attended the Hydetown public school and Buchtel College, now the University of Akron. She taught public school in Hydetown, Centerville, and Tryonville for many years.

One of her biggest accomplishments was taking charge of her father’s Ridgway Acme Linament business and sanitarium. She also oversaw the building of the Union Church in Hydetown.

On May 31, 1893 she married Sherman Ellsworth Nason of Townville. The couple had four children, Dorothy Nason (died in infancy), William Ridgway Nason (died in infancy), Linna Nason Colbert (1894 – 1989), and Vivian Nason (1898 – 1981).

Only a few weeks before her death her husband, Sherman, died as well. She died at the family home of apoplexy. She was 63 years old.


Use these links to view Eliza Ridgway Nason in the U.S. Census:


Sherman E. Nason and Eliza Ridgway Nason Marriage License:

Nason Marriage cert

Marriage License, 1893.


Eliza Ridgway Nason Death Certificate:

ER Nason Death Cert

Death Certificate, 1919.



Eliza R. Nason

The Titusville Herald, January 16, 1919.

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