Byron Baxter Baugher

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Marker Type:    Headstone

Material:    Granite

Dimensions (H x W x D):    16.5 in x 18 in x 11 in

Direction Marker Faces:    East

Inscription:    B.B. BAUGHER / 1853 – 1906

Biography:    Byron Baxter Baugher was born at Gilson Ridge on November 1, 1853 to parents Daniel and Mary Baugher. He moved to Hydetown with his family as a small child and remained there for the rest of his life. He was a member of the Hydetown Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF).

Baugher was employed as a woodworker at the Titusville Specialty Manufacturing Company plant. He also served as burgess of Hydetown Borough from 1903 to 1906. Shortly before his death he was elected justice of the peace. He succumbed to typhoid at age 53.

Baugher’s wife of 17 years, Lana Coff Baugher, is buried beside him in Ridgway Cemetery. They were married in 1889 and had four children: two sons, Emil (1890 – 1931) and Leon (1897 – 1961), and two daughters, Eva (1901 – 1984) and Edna (1907 – 1969).


Use these links to view B.B. Baugher in the U.S. Census:


B.B. Baugher and Lana C. Baugher Marriage License:

Baugher Marriage License

Marriage License, 1889. Source:


B.B. Baugher Death Certificate:

B.B. Death Cert.jpg

Death Certificate, 1906. Source:



Baugher Obituary

The Titusville Herald, May 14, 1906.

Byron Baxter Baugher

The Titusville Herald, 5/16/1906


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