Ridgway Cemetery is a small family graveyard just off Main Street (State Hwy 408) in Hydetown, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The cemetery consists of a half-acre lot situated on a grassy knoll overlooking Hasbrouck Park. A series of stone pillars form a fence separating the cemetery from the surrounding municipal land. It is currently maintained by the Borough of Hydetown.

Around sixty relatives and friends of the Ridgway family were buried in this cemetery from 1836 to 1938. Souls are no longer interred there.


Ridgway Cemetery, 3/31/2018.

Hydetown Borough, at first named Oil Creek Borough, was first settled in 1793 by Peter Titus and his brother, Dan Titus Sr. The Titus brothers chose to build their homes on a tract of eight hundred acres just north of Titusville. Upon moving to the area in 1846, Elijah Hyde and his family, the namesake of the town, bought Titus Mills and opened the first store. Hydetown was officially incorporated in 1868.

Today, Hydetown is home to approximately five-hundred residents. A number of those born and raised in this small community can trace their ancestry to the Ridgway and Hyde families.

Hydetown Sign

Courtesy of Heather Sterling-Hilburn and Jessica Hilburn.

While it is not clear exactly which year Ridgway Cemetery was established, the oldest grave dates to 1836. The earliest year it appears on a map is 1869.

This website stands as a virtual grave for each of those buried in Ridgway Cemetery. We honor each of these souls by preserving their stories. Take a moment to remember those who came before us by reading about the lives and deaths of these diverse Hydetownites. Some of the stories may surprise you.

To see the locations of graves, go to the Burial Map. To see the names of those buried in Ridgway, select the Grave Index. To learn more about the restoration of stones in Ridgway or stone maintenance in general, go to Preservation. Additional websites and literature can be found under Resources.

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